How Yoga Can Help You Burn Belly Fat

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. It’s known to increase awareness and give you a sense of balance. This means that someone who practices yoga can calm their mind, let go of stress and create harmony within their body and mind.

We all have a self-healing process that kicks in when something goes wrong and yoga helps us to focus on it and activate it.

The Benefits of Yoga
Apart from the well-known mind benefits, did you know the postures work on your body to tone your muscles and keep you fit? Yoga is all-encompassing; with meditation, breathing exercises and asana (postures) to help bring the sense of harmony mentioned earlier. So if you are asking yourself whether you should practice yoga for weight loss, here is what you need to know:

a) Physical benefits
– It makes you more flexible.
– It tones and strengthens your muscles.
– It makes you more energetic with increased vitality.
– It makes you perform better as an athlete.
– It helps you when you need to lose weight.
– Your respiratory and cardiovascular systems stay healthy.

b) Mental benefits
It’s great for relieving stress. People who are constantly stressed are at a high chance of gaining weight. When it comes to having FUPA (Fat Upper Pubic Area), science has shown that most people who develop it are constantly under stress.

Stress releases a hormone that encourages the storage of fat in the upper pubic area, giving you an inflated stomach or a pooch that could stay on for years unless proper action is taken.

Stress also encourages binge eating, leading to the rapid storage of fat around the belly area. By doing yoga, you are generally more aware. This means that you will want to eat right and that you will want to do the numerous poses that workout your muscles and effectively help you lose fupa.

Yoga Poses That Target Belly Fat

If you were thinking about getting into yoga or already have, it’s important to note that there are postures that will target certain areas of your body. So to lose fupa you want to focus on the poses that will specifically reach the fat in your belly and burn it.

1. The Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
This posture is meant to work on your upper body, strengthening your spine and burning fupa.

2. The Boat Pose (Naukasana)
The posture generally attacks love handles, fupa and makes your legs stronger.

3. The Wind Easing Pose (Pavanamukthasana)
Apart from toning your thighs and hips, you will also be able to burn stubborn stomach fat and maintain a healthy back. You will notice that the posture involves applying a lot of pressure to your abdominal muscles and legs.

4. Raised Foot Pose (Uttanpadasana)
This pose helps in getting rid of the fat from your lower abdominal region as well as hips and thighs. This pose is one of the most efficient and effective ways to eliminate the flab that gets accumulated around your waist and hips during pregnancy.

5. The Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)
It’s great for easing indigestion and tightening abs. The longer you can hold the pose, the better you’re working your abs.

When to Start Yoga After Normal Delivery?
Yoga works wonders if you just had a baby and want to reduce your tummy, but it’s always best to consult your doctor first. For women who just had a C-section, the yoga poses might rapture their stitches, so it’s better to wait until the doctor gives the go ahead. If you went through a normal delivery it’s best to wait about 6-8 weeks so your body can heal itself before you start with any strenuous activities.

Once you are ready for yoga, you will realize that it will tone your belly muscles and help relax your mind. Postpartum depression happens to many women after having a baby, so it won’t hurt to try a few breathing exercises and yoga poses to help with mental and physical health.

Yoga to Reduce Tummy After C Section
The cobra posture is perfect for toning those upper body muscles and help you regain your strength. The board and wind easing posture (Pavanamukthasana) are also great for strengthening your core.

Again, get clearance from your doctor before doing any type of postpartum workout that may affect your wound. Always start easy, with simple breathing exercises and gauge how your body responds. Take things slow and build your strength up over time.

You might want to be like your favorite celebrity who seems to have snapped back a few weeks after delivery, but you have all the time to heal so just take things easy. You will get your pre-pregnancy body back slowly but surely.